Lining one side of the storied Rhine river, the ancient and modern city of Strasbourg, capital of Alsace, has known all the roles of a boundary land including that of crossroads. The contemporary city is a dynamic center between France and Germany while maintaining its historical heritage and walkable neighborhoods.

Known for a stunning cathedral arising from half-timbered houses, narrow streets and waterways, Strasbourg is an easy city to live in. Green space abounds both within and surrounding the city center. With one of the first tram networks in France, public transportation is central to Strasbourg life (including bicycles: bike paths are everywhere and cyclists outnumber motorists).

Cultural life is rich, from neighborhood arts centers to major theaters and performance spaces. The surrounding region of Alsace offers easy access to an afternoon hike among the vines, a longer trek from village to village, or a stroll on the forested slopes of the Vosges mountains. Regional trains facilitate a nearly limitless number of opportunities for such promenades.

Strasbourg is an amazing city to live in as a student. It's incredibly easy to navigate. Despite its quaintness, it still has a city feel with its popping student life. It was also surprisingly inexpensive!, I would highly recommend this city

Tia. Anthropology, International Relations, Sociology

IFE students at Strasbourg cathedral

I became so attached to Strasbourg and its people that I applied for a fellowship which enabled me to return to the city to continue relationships that I started during my time with IFE, as well as conduct sociological research.

Katherine ("Katie Rose"). Anthropology, Economics, Sociology



IFE finds affordable French-speaking housing for students, either with homestay families, or residences for students and young professional called foyers. Housing options are available with or without meals, and are priced accordingly.



IFE 's Strasbourg Center 

Located in a residential neighborhood close to the city center (15, rue des Orphelins).

Cell Phones 

All students are required to have a local cell phone with a local number. IFE Strasbourg staff provides full information and assistance for this requirement upon arrival.

Getting around Strasbourg

Public transportation system: / Bikeshare system ("Vélhop") / Trains in the Alsace region TER

Money and Banking

Students should arrive with a credit card for payment and for withdrawing cash. It is difficult for a student coming to France for several months to open a bank account.

Health and Wellbeing

IFE Strasbourg maintains a full set of reliable references among health care professionals. Students who are on a regular program of medication should plan to arrive with sufficient supply for the semester or, alternatively, ask their doctor for the scientific name of the molecule, not the proprietary name, for presciption by a doctor in France.

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Before Arrival

Students enrolled in IFE Strasbourg participate in an interactive online pre-departure readiness exercise. In addition they receive detailed practical information for their semester in Strasbourg.