With a combined population of over half a million people, the modern bustling city of Gijón together with historical Oviedo comprise a dynamic urban area in a beautiful natural setting, on Spain's northern coast.

A green, mountainous region with a rugged Atlantic coastline, Asturias offers many perspectives on  the Spanish experience: thriving small farms and fisheries alongside innovative technology industries, a bustling port, a contemporary society built on deep historical foundations, a strong regional identity that is open to the world. And the liveable, human-scale city of Gijon, where IFE's activities are centered (and where spoken English is a rare event!).

The Asturias program is located at Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura, Gijón.



Students are housed with Spanish-speaking host families, located in safe and lively neighborhoods within the city limits of Gijón and accessible by public transportation.



IFE's Asturias Center

The scholastic center is housed at the historic Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura ("La Laboral"), C. Luis Moya Blanco, 261. 33203 Gijón. The postal address for IFE Asturias administration is Ezcurdia 190 5K2A,  33203 Gijón, Asturias.

Cell Phones

All students are required to have a local cell phone with a local number. IFE Asturias staff provides full information and assistance for this requirement upon arrival in Gijón.

Getting around Gijón

Central Gijón is a compact and walkable city. Public transportation is provided by the city bus network (Link) for which a re-chargeable pass is available (Link). The region of Asturias can be explored by train (Link) or bus.

Money and Banking

Students should arrive with a credit card for payment and for withdrawing cash. It is difficult for a student coming to Spain for several months to open a bank account.

Health and Wellbeing

IFE Asturias maintains a full set of reliable references among health care professionals. Students who are on a regular program of medication should plan to arrive with sufficient supply for the semester or, alternatively, ask their doctor for the scientific name of the molecule, not the proprietary name, for presciption by a doctor in Spain.

IFE on Social Media

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Before Arrival

Students enrolled in IFE Asturias participate in an interactive online pre-departure readiness exercise. In addition they receive detailed practical information for their semester abroad.