Admission info

Admission to an IFE Field Study and Internship program is open to qualified students who are currently enrolled in university, students who have finished their undergraduate degree, and students who are on a leave of absence from a university-level degree program.

Some US universities are formally affiliated with IFE and have pre-approved one or more of the IFE Field Study and Internship programs for participation by qualified students, for academic credit. Students from these universities should contact their study abroad office before applying to IFE. (IFE US university partners: /about/us-partners)

Minimum student qualifications:

  • Completion of five college semesters of language instruction, or the equivalent
  • A GPA of 3.00
  • The approval of their advisor(s) as well as that of their home institution's international study office.

Students seeking to participate in an IFE program after their secondary education but before entering university are urged to contact IFE (below) to discuss their plans.

IFE welcomes contact from any student considering application with questions about their possible participation in an IFE program.