About IFE

The Institute for Field Education (IFE) is a European not-for-profit institute which uses experiential education and research-focused programs to promote intercultural understanding and language skills.




IFE provides credit-bearing programs of international education with language learning and inter-cultural knowledge at their core.


IFE’s vision for experiential education in an international context:


Increasing language competency;

Promoting inter-cultural know-how, cultural sensitivity and openness, and comparative knowledge;

Providing inclusive opportunities for personal and academic growth;

Building self-reliance, and reinforcing students’ curiosity about and engagement with the world around them.



Founded in 1988 in Paris, France as a not-for-profit educational institute, IFE's educational mission and European roots still form the core of its identity today. Though based in Europe, IFE has longstanding partnerships with a wide network of US universities. Years of operating successful study abroad programming have given the Institute a deep knowledge of the field of study abroad.

In the professional field of international education IFE is known for it’s high standards, adherence to programs in the language of the host country, and unique programs which use experiential education and research to gain cultural understanding and skills.


FAll 23: IFE students in BIlbao with Asturias program coordinator


IFE's program model, The Field Study and Internship Program, has been developed and honed over the years. Since the original Paris program, IFE has launched Field Study and Internship programs in Strasbourg (2008), Brussels (2012), Asturias (2018) and Andalucia (2019).

IFE currently runs programs in Asturias, Paris, and Strasbourg, with central administration in Paris, France and Gijon, Spain.