Belgium is Europe in one country. A mosaic of languages and cultures in a small densely populated space,  a series of connected cities, a complex but strong identity, a nodal point in the web of European universities. And home to Brussels, a European capital but also a young, creative urban hub that is both neighborhood-based and thoroughly international.

Cosmopolitan yet informal, with its feet on the ground, Brussels is an exciting place to be. One in three residents was born outside Belgium, and by average age Brussels is younger than London, Paris or Berlin. Contemporary artists, environmental activists and advocates for social change are an important part of what makes Brussels hum.



IFE finds affordable French-speaking housing for students, either with homestay families, or in shared apartments with local students. Housing options are available with or without meals, and are priced accordingly.



IFE's center in Brussels will be relocating and will remain in the central district of Ixelles where it has been for a number of years.

Cell Phones

All students are required to have a local cell phone with a local number. IFE Brussels staff provides full information and assistance for this requirement upon arrival.

Getting around Brussels

The city is served by a dense public transportation network of subways, trams and buses (Link)

Money and Banking

Students should arrive with a credit card for payment and for withdrawing cash. It is difficult for a student coming to Belgium for several months to open a bank account.

Health and Wellbeing

IFE Brussels maintains a full set of reliable references among health care professionals. Students who are on a regular program of medication should plan to arrive with sufficient supply for the semester or, alternatively, ask their doctor for the scientific name of the molecule, not the proprietary name, for presciption by a doctor in Belgium.

IFE on Social Media

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Before Arrival

Students enrolled in IFE Brussels participate in an interactive online pre-departure readiness exercise. In addition they receive detailed practical information for their semester abroad.