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With programs in both Paris and Brussels, IFE was in the middle of four security crises in two cities over the course of 14 months. As a locally-based study abroad actor, IFE moved on four fronts:
1. confirming/ensuring its students’ well-being.
2. assessing local risk on a daily basis.
3. assisting students in processing their reactions.
4. helping parents and other stakeholders at a distance to comprehend realistically what was happening.

In fulfilling these roles IFE immediately realized the importance of managing not only risk but also fear which, unlike risk, is contagious. What risk and fear have in common is the extent to which both are best handled with information, knowledge and perspective.

If you are a student considering study in Europe, or a parent or someone who advises students on education abroad, you will want to understand IFE’s approach to these matters of great concern. This can be quickly accomplished be consulting the following resources on this website:

 IFE Communiqués listed and titled by date for easy access. Communiqués issued by IFE following a crisis convey information related to all four objectives listed above.

 IFE’s news archives for news and interviews during the events. Currently you will find an eyewitness account by two IFE students present in the Stade de France on November 13, 2015, as well as an interview with a French specialist on terrorism.

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