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 Psychology major joins laboratory to study eating disorders
 Immigration and Islam
 Out of her school’s library and into a center for public policy analysis (health care reform)
 Someday I want to be researcher on contemporary France ... in France (history)
 An American in Paris researches the experience of Americans in Paris

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Psychology major joins laboratory to study eating disorders

Name: Sarah B.
Undergraduate major field(s): Psychology, French
Goals for her Paris Field Study semester: Combine French studies and Psychology major by learning first-hand about mental health care delivery in France.
Placement: Research assistant in the Social Psychology Laboratory of EHESS (Institute for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences)
Responsibilities as intern:
Assist research team in carrying out a study of eating behavior.
Contribute to ongoing research projects related to minority groups.
 Assist in the preparation of scientific articles in English.
 Participate in the scientific life of the Institute including seminars, colloquia, etc.
Subject of research: Obesity prevention in France focusing on normative and cognitive influences on food behavior.
And... Sarah arrived in the laboratory just as a study of obesity was being organized, and she was given responsibilities for initial documentary research, designing the survey tool, and assisting in conducting the interviews that were the basis of this research project.

Immigration and Islam

Name: Lyssa S.
Undergraduate major field(s): Sociology/Anthropology, Francophone Studies
Goals for her Paris Field Study semester: Further her understanding of immigration issues and the islamic world, especially the Mahgreb, and prepare for study in Mali.
Placement: Institut d’Etudes de l’Islam et des Sociétés du Monde Musulman (IISMM – Institute for Islamic and Muslim World Studies)
Responsibilities as intern:
 maintain a regular review of Islamic topics of interest to IISMM in English-language periodicals.
 conduct Web research of English-language publishers and publications in Islamic studies.
 build a catalogue of Islamic studies in American research institutes and universities.
 participate in IISMM seminars and assist in recording seminars for Internet broadcast.
Subject of research: A comparative study of how Islam and the Islamic world is taught in France and in the United States.
And... Lyssa went further into the Isamic world, with the Carleton Mali program in the following term.

Out of her school’s library and into a center for public policy analysis

Name: Yana C.
Undergraduate major field(s): Political Science, French
Goals for her Paris Field Study semester: Put her ideas and abilities for real-world policy analysis to the test. Gain background expertise in French political philosophy for a senior thesis.
Placement: IFRAP (French Research Institute in Public Administration and Public Policy)
Responsibilities as intern:
 Performed duties of associate policy researcher.
 Prepared memo on Obama Administration health care reform.
 Prepared memo on comparative fiscal policies to encourage health care creation.
 Participated in staff meetings and research discussions.
 Prepared major research memo on comparative systems of health care coverage.
Subject of research: Systems of Health Care Coverage: A Franco-American comparison
And... Yana’s research paper was published as part of the policy papers of IFRAP, and she has maintained professional ties with this think tank, where her contributions and perspectives were highly valued.

Someday I want to be researcher on contemporary France ... in France

Name: Annika T.
Undergraduate major field(s): History, French Studies
Goals for her Paris Field Study semester: Tie together her interest in contemporary French history with her French major, carry out research to serve as a basis for a senior thesis, combing two majors, and lay the groundwork for a future career in research in France.
Placement: Robert Schuman Foundation (think tank on European integration)
Responsibilities as intern:
 Act as research associate to the Director of Research.
 Contribute to the weekly newsletter.
 Track developments and events on websites of major European and international organizations.
 Produce research memos on various topics.
 Observe and summarize events and debates in the American presidential election.
Subject of research: The Upcoming American Presidential Election (2012): Likely effects on EU-US relations
And... Annika’s year in France included a Fall semester studying 20th century French history in Strasbourg, where she was bitten by the EU bug, and pursued this new passion in Paris with IFE in the Spring.

An American in Paris researches the experience of Americans in Paris

Name: Eric F.
Undergraduate major field(s): Anthropology
Goals for his Field Study semester: To expand his knowledge of French and learn about modern French society and culture while becoming acquainted with the culture of professional research.
Placement: Research program focused on the impact of new technologies on the world of migrants
Responsibilities as intern:
 Conduct research on Americans in Paris; monitor American websites in Paris, the recent American elections, and the American Diaspora in general.
 Translate documents into English for professional researchers
 Assist professional researchers using technological research tools
 Learn anthropological methods of research and apply to subject of research
Subject of research: American in Paris: A Study of the American Diaspora and its Internet Structure
And... In his senior year Eric completed a thesis on the French expatriate community in Chicago, focusing on the structure of professional networks and the role of business in community development.
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