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Future journalists, filmmakers, media scholars, and communication and press relations professionals get their feet wet through one of IFE’s Field Study and Internship programs

From TV newsgathering to on-line live music blogging, from video post-production for an international NGO to handling press relations for a government ministry, IFE works with students focused on training for media careers. Appropriate placements can be found for students with advanced skills and background as well as for generalists with little technical knowledge.

The placement process begins with the admissions application which includes a "placement form" which allows students to describe in detail what they wish to pursue during their semester of Field Study and Internship. From that point forward the process is completely individualized. It is not a list-based process.
The profiles and lists provided here are meant solely to demonstrate the variety of student academic/professional goals within the broad field of culture which can be accomodated by IFE’s programs}.

A list of sample internships and field research projects in media-related fields

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