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A string of reprehensible acts of terrorism perpetrated in Paris Friday have taken a toll of death, bloodshed and sorrow, but they have not left behind a society in chaos nor a nation paralyzed.

"Fluctuat nec mergitur" read the huge banner stretched across Place de la République Saturday afternoon, the motto of the city of Paris, "storm-tossed but still afloat".

The people of France and Paris are comforted by waves of support and sympathy rolling in from around the world in response to the tsunami of barbarity which struck here Friday evening. But moving forward is not easy, feelings are painful and confused, including for international students whose sojourn of study in and of French society has suddenly been transformed into something else.

The purpose of this page over the coming days and weeks is to present information, record and share reactions, offer views and analysis. The subject? What IFE is doing for and with its students, some perspective for students slated to arrive next semester, information for parents, the state of public security in Paris, and French society in the aftermath.

The intended audience is the larger IFE community. Students past, present and future, members of university communities in partnership with IFE, the IFE network in France and Belgium, whoever may find it useful in some way.

Three hundred days ago, on January 11, 2015, in the wake of the attack on Charlie Hebdo, a historic demonstration brought millions of citizens into the streets of France in defence of the inclusive values that underpin the French Republic. This page is intended to continue the conversation begun that day, for processing, for consoling, for understanding.

What is a "state of emergency"? On Friday night the President of France, François Hollande, declared a "state of emergency" (état d’urgence) in France in the wake of the terrorist violence... continued

Interview with an expert. Gilles Ferragu, IFE Board member, Professor of History at Sciences Po and the University of Paris, and author of a recent book on the history of terrorism, discusses the recent attacks with IFE...(continued)

Eyewitness: two IFE students at the Stade de France, 13 Nov Two students in IFE’s Paris Field Study and Internship Program share their eyewitness account of being at the Stade de France...(continued)

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