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Brussels’ life covers a very wide array of endeavors, from which a variety of internships can be drawn. In addition, a dense urban and public transportation web enables IFE to extend the search for specific placement areas to nearby cities, such as Liège, Bruges and others.

IFE Brussels welcomes student participation from across the undergraduate curriculum, whether in local/comparative politics, EU politics and policy, international relations, sociology and anthropology, contemporary cultural affairs, art history, literature, peace studies, social engagement, architecture and urban studies (both very rich fields of investigation in Brussels and urban Belgium), history, natural sciences and other fields.

The strength and variety of Brussels life apart from the European institutions means that the program can serve needs well beyond those of future European affairs specialists, including students simply desirous of a deeper understanding of Europe in the several meanings of that term, regardless of their specialization.

Note on language in the workplace: Brussels is a Francophone city, IFE a Francophone program, and in general placement focuses on French-language settings. Nonetheless for certain fields such as international affairs, it can be that business is conducted bi- or even tri-lingually. IFE verifies that the student-intern is regularly engaged with the French language to ensure steady linguistic progress.

As for specific examples, IFE hesitates to publish lists of placements, which however impressive can forge the mistaken notion that placement at IFE is a list-driven process . Instead, read more on student profiles...

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