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 French, IR, and Sociology spell migration research with Paris think tanks
 Social work major + human rights internship = career idea in international law
 Muslim world studies in the heart of the francophone world
 At the forefront of international security news and analysis

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French, IR and Sociology spell migration research with Paris think tanks

Name: Jennifer C.
Undergraduate major field(s): International Studies, Sociology
Goals for her Paris Field Study semester: Prepare for a career in international governance by perfecting French skills and study international relations from a French and European viewpoint.
Placement: Institute for International and Strategic Relations (IRIS)
Responsibilities as intern:
 As assistant researcher responsible for monitoring current events and policy concerning the Korean peninsula, China and Japan
 Contributions to IRIS presentations on emerging nations (South Africa, Mexico), especially macro-economic and socio-cultural data
 Editing English-language papers written by IRIS research staff
Subject of research: The Geo-politics, sociology and legal framework of Southeast Asian immigration toward France.
And... As a year-long student in the French Field Studies program (with Sciences Po), Jennifer went on to internships at the two other main IR institutes in France (CERI et IFRI) At the latter she assisted a leading immigration expert, Catherine de Wenden, in preparing a widely-noted atlas of migrations.

Social work major + human rights internship = career idea in international law

Name: Whitney H.
Undergraduate major fields: French and Social Work
Goals for her Paris Field Study: Combine her two major fields in one semester, while also combining her intellectual passion for social justice studies with a career goal of working in the not-for-profit sector after college.
Placement: Human Rights League
Responsibilities as intern:
 After training, respond to calls on a legal hotline for immigrants
 Research legal issues raised by callers and provide a response
 Accompany political refugees on court appearances
Subject of research: Immigration Policies and Access to Citizenship in France, Yesterday and Today
And... "I loved this internship ! I’m now considering studying international law I found it so fascinating."

Muslim world studies in the heart of the francophone world

Name: Amanda O.
Undergraduate major fields: American Studies & Middle-Eastern Studies
Goals for her Paris Field Study: To work in a think tank focused on the Middle-East, expanding her knowledge of French and Arabic and developing her analytical skills
Placement: The Institute for Islamic and Muslim World Studies (IISMM)
Responsibilities as intern:
 Participate in the establishment of English-language versions of the Institute’s website, print brochures and some scholarly texts
 Assist with arrangements for the weekly lectures organized by the Institute on a variety of topics from the Arab Spring, to Contemporary Libya, to Palestine and the intifadas
 Record the lectures and conduct post-production preparation of the recordings for broadcast on the radio network France Culture
Subject of research: The Radicalization of Islam in French Prisons

At the forefront of international security news and analysis

Name: Catherine L.
Undergraduate major fields: International Relations & French
Goals for her Paris Field Study: To work in the field of international security and gain experience in an organization that deals with strategic analysis and forecasting of international security concerns, such as terrorist attacks
Placement: ESISC (European Strategic Intelligence & Security Center)
Responsibilities as intern:
 Work as an associate researcher within a think-tank specializing in issues of terrorism and security studies
 Produce daily alerts or short briefings on Arab nations and on the U.S., examining and comparing various sources, translating articles, and conducting an analysis of phenomena and trends
 Write a weekly syntheses of alerts, focusing on a particular country (Iraq, Libya, Yemen)
 Update a database of alerts produced by the Center on attacks, demonstrations, and other events; participate in the analysis of these data
Subject of research: The Arab Spring ne year later; using the case of Egypt to analyze revolutionary and post-revolutionary patterns
And... When an attack on an elementary school in Toulouse occurred, Catherine was mobilized along with the rest of the staff, working overtime to cover the event and analyze the information coming out about it, as the ESISC is often consulted for expert views on such events.
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