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The security level has been increased to level 4 for Brussels only, which has been decided by the government in these past hours. At this moment there is a meeting of the security council: ministers and high security officers who will decide on maintaining extra security measures and who are evaluating the situation. So far nothing has happened, but it is clear that the security services are on to something, possibly the arrest of the Belgian terrorist who was still on the loose after the recent attacks in Paris.
Increased security measures include the cancellation of public events such as football games and concerts, and a lot of presence of the military and the police in key areas. [NOTE: Metro services have been stopped as well.]
This isn’t the first time that we are confronted with the highest possible level of security measures. These were in place in the Christmas season of 2007 after indications of the possible escape of Nizar Trabelsi, a high security prisoner with terrorist sympathies, and in 2014 the security level increased as well after the attack on the Jewish Museum in Brussels.
IFE has contacted all students in Brussels, a field trip has been canceled and the students have been told to stay in the immediate vicinity of their lodgings, and to be extra careful and vigilant.

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