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A (small) recognized actor in higher education

In 2004 IFE was awarded the "haut patronage" of the French Ministry of Education in recognition of its contribution to culturally-sensitive, locally-focused international education.

Since 2008 IFE has earned the recognition of Franklin & Marshall College of Lancaster PA for the academic quality of its programs, in the form of an official Franklin & Marshall transfer transcript available for the Paris and Brussels programs, as IFE’s "school of record". In addition a senior member of the F&M faculty and international education specialist is a member of the IFE Board of Directors.

From 2000-2006 IFE cooperated with Middlebury College to offer the MA in French Studies with Internship.

Since 2005 IFE has been responsible for design and operation of the Goucher Paris Semester, in partnership with Goucher College, now called the Goucher Paris Program and offered in both Spring and Fall semesters. In 2011 Depauw University will join this intermediate-level language-and-culture program, which draws on IFE’s expertise in locally-embedded programming for effective international education.

Since 2004 IFE has been selected by Northwestern University and the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris as a partner in the year-long French Field Studies program offered by Northwestern University to its students.

Since 2007 IFE enjoys a contractual partnership with the US-based study abroad college consortium BCA, with which it operates the Strasbourg Field Study and Internship Program (described in this brochure).

IFE works closely with a certain number of colleges and universities which have accepted one or more of IFE’s Field Study and Internship Programs as pre-approved programs of international study.

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