French field study and internship programs


The Paris Field Study and Internship Program

Traditionally one of the cultural and political centers of Europe, more recently – with Germany – the “motor” of European integration, France remains, for all of that, a solo voice in the choir of Europe. Truly an exception and not only in its own eyes. “France” is an act of cultural freedom, a perpetual construction of the common weal, a one-of-its-kind theater of the individual and the collective. A magnet for diversity and a bastion of the idea of the Republic. It attracts and exasperates participants, fascinates observers and confounds pundits. French and non-French alike. The game is often subtle, sometimes raucous, always complex.

The core objective for all students in the Paris Field Study and Internship Program, besides fluency in French, is to come to a player’s understanding of the French game, to grasp the foundations of both the attraction and the exasperation of the “Hexagon”. Like any other real resident.

Paris as international capital needs no introduction. As the capital of a (still) centralized State and territory and one of the power points of Europe, there is no end to the diversity of activity in the Paris region, whether in science, culture, enterprises, politics, international affairs, administration or creativity of every sort. For IFE in Paris, this astoundingly varied hum of activity serves as so many doorways through the tourist looking glass into the center of the center of France.

The Paris program in detail

Placement Strategy
Preparatory Session
Independent Field Research Paper
Academic Credit


Weeks 1-5 Coursework in preparation for active involvement in the professional life of an organization.
Weeks 6 A break period to enable students to travel and rest before beginning their internship.
Weeks 7-18
The internship period
It is during this period that student-interns, working with their IFE research advisor, also develop and complete an independent research project on a topic related to the work of their host organization.
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