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The Paris Gateway Program

Supported by Goucher College, DePauw University, Franklin & Marshall College

Watch Online! A new IFE video listens (in French!) to students in the Paris Gateway Program as they arrive in September and again before they leave in December. Conclusion: there’s nothing like spending all day every day in French for a semester. See/hear for yourself!

For whom?
- For any French-speaking student who is ready for a semester entirely in the French language, having already acquired:

  • The oral comprehension skills needed to follow a course taught in French (for non-Francophones)
  • The basic conversational skills needed to join in a class discussion
  • A basic competency in written French.

- For any student wanting to acquire a strong command of the French language, regardless of his or her major field.

- For any student seeking an early, sustained contact with France today.

- For any student wishing to get ready for an advanced French-language study abroad program in a later semester. (Example: one of IFE’s French Field Study and Internship programs.)

More information about admission to the Gateway Program

Why the Gateway, why IFE?

Whatever a student’s academic focus, the Paris Gateway Program is a chance to improve French language skills tremendously while learning a lot about what’s going on in France and Europe today, through both coursework and contact with local surroundings.

Goucher College chose IFE, a French educational organization, to operate this program because of its track record in providing students innovative opportunities and programs for getting inside France today.

Depauw University and Franklin and Marshall College have joined this program because of what they see as significant language and cultural acquisition in the space of one semester, for students ready for a first experience entirely in French.

Finally, the Gateway Program has proven to be an ideal preparation for subsequent participation in one of IFE’s Field Study and Internship programs. Each year several students take advantage of this well-coordinated two-semester option.

How exactly does the program work?

IFE’s Paris Gateway Program is a tightly-constructed, integrated program focused exclusively on getting to know France today while perfecting French language skills.

The small size of the student group ensures individual attention and a high level of participation in classroom discussion and debate. The curriculum structure ensures that students are actively engaged with/in the French language throughout the day, all week long. (As for evening and weekends, IFE housing situations and co-curricular programming encourage social interaction in French as well.)

Program objectives are met by five principal elements:

- Orientation / Préparation

- Cours de Langue Française de la Sorbonne. French instruction, by level, two hours per day, five days per week, plus one hour daily of phonetics for the first four weeks.

- Paris - France – Paris: Discovering a nation via its capital A seminar course meeting 3hrs per week, including lecture-visits, using Paris as a text to understand both the city itself and French society, while calling attention to the many ways that France and Paris are quite different.

- Part-time Internship A conversational internship, four half-days weekly, including lunch hour as often as possible, with a host organization in the student’s general area of interest, where the intern’s role involves a maximum of contact with native French speakers.

- Language and Methodology Seminar / Internship Report a workshop course meeting 1.5 hours weekly, to extend the phonetics instruction of the Sorbonne program, to promote conversation and discussion of issues of society, and to develop an internship report using methodology taught to Gateway students.

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